Motorcycle External installed Bluetooth 4.0 TPMS for Android and iOS

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Thanks for choosing our BLE TPMS product which is designed for

smart cellphones and supports cellphone with Bluetooth 4.0 or

above. Once BLE tire sensor installed in wheel, tire pressure and

temperature can be displayed in cellphone with APP. During travel,

tire pressure and temperature displayed in real time and send alert

when statistics abnormal For your safety, please read manua

before using, thank you!


Support cellphone with Bluetooth 4.0 or above Do NOT support

Cellphone with Bluetooth lower than 4.0. Product displays by

cellphone. During driving, please be careful when viewing tire

pressure and temperature in cellphone If tire pressure accelerates

down or up continuously, please stop car and check if theres any

problem with the tire. This product can read tire pressure and

temperature, but it cannot avoid sudden accident motorcycle by

tire It's important to use tire with high quality slightly tire leakage

makes tire pressure decreases over time is normal. It has nothing

to do with this product installation.


Sensor Specifications

Processor : ARM M0

Working voltage: 3V

Working Current: 100μA

Standby Current:≤2.2μA

Bluetooth Working Frequency: 2.4GHz

Bluetooth Transmitting Power: odBm MAX

Wait Time:≤5s

Display:Phone APP

Waterproof Standard: IP67

Working Humidity: 95% MAX

Tire Pressure Detection Range: 100-1300kPa

Tire Pressure Detection Accuracy: ±10kPa

Tire Temperature Detection Accuracy: ±3℃

Working Temperature:-30℃~+80℃

Storage Temperature:30C ~+85℃

Battery Capacity: 140mAh

Battery Life: 3-5 Years

Sensor Weight: 11 5g±1g

APP Description

Compatible Operating System

TPMS supports both Android and iOS, requires Bluetooth 4.0 or


APP Installation

Option 1: Scan QR code on card, then download and install;

Option 2: Search"motorcare"in APP Store or Google play store,

then download and install


Installation tutorial

*Sensor identification:1 is the front wheel and 2 is the rear wheel


  1. Open APP, Will be prompted to open the APP, Select Open, Main interface


  1. Click the main menu"bind new device"to the binding device interface


  1. Binding new devices have two ways of manual binding and scanning binding


A: Manual pairing: click on the    B: Scan pair: click the unbound

ID input frame of the unbound    button respectively, and the bar

tires, enter the tire number in     code scan can complete the

the pop-up frame, and bind      bindings of the tire pressure device

the device                    at the pop-up scan interface.



  1. One-click scan code: Click

the one-button scan code

binding button to scan the

QR code to complete the

binding of the tire pressure



  1. After the device is bound back to the main interface, the APP begins to scan automatically, and the corresponding tire data can be obtained by scanning the single device


  1. When the tire data is obtained when the tire is abnormal

the corresponding data will be alerting.


Air leakage and air pressure           Air leakage, high temperature,

abnormal alarm               and abnormal alarm of air pressure

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